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Tour of Rogue Creamery: An Exclusive Visit to the Home of the “World’s Best Cheese”

8.30pm FRIday 7th October

Join Marguerite Merritt, Cheese Emissary at Rogue, as she opens the doors to the creamery to give us an exclusive visit and presentation of the team and practices that lead the company’s success with the “World’s Best Cheese”.

The event will stream live here on Friday 7th October, simply click the blue button to watch.

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In 1933, a small creamery opened its doors in Southern Oregon. Since then, the little Creamery has grown by leaps and bounds. Today Rogue Creamery cheese can be found at cheese counters and restaurants in many countries around the world. They have gone Organic, become a Certified B Corporation, and been honoured with the title of “World’s Best Cheese.”

And all along, Rogue Creamery have strived to maintain the character and spirit of their small business. People dedicated to sustainability, service, art and tradition of making the world’s finest handmade cheese.

For the Big Cheese Weekender, Marguerite MERRITT, Cheese Emissary at Rogue, is opening the doors of the creamery for an exclusive visit and presentation of the team and practices that lead the company’s success.

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