Offering something for BCW?

That’s great! Tell us about your offer and we will do our very best to include details about it in our newsletter, on our website or on social media


If you’re offering something special for the Big Cheese Weekender we want to make sure you get in front of the tens of thousands of Cheese Lovers attending the BCW.

A few pointers below to make this offer super tasty for our event attendees.

  • Your offer must be cheese focused.
  • Please keep your offer simple.
  • Make it something of value.
  • Please promote and share your offers on your social media platforms, using the Hashtag #BigCheeseWeekender and make sure the message is to buy cheese to join in with the Big Cheese Weekender.
  • If you have an Association with the Academy of Cheese (Patron, Training Partner or Supporter) and/or Specialist Cheesemakers Association or Guild of Fine Food please do mention if appropriate.

Submit Your Offer

If you are a cheese focused business and want to create a special offer for all the Big Cheese Weekender guests.