How Brindisa made Monte Enebro a Household Name

5.00pm Sunday 9th October

Join Brindisa founder, Monika Linton, and discover how an unknown Aviles goat’s cheese became a global, iconic cheese. Then watch as Chef Florjan recreates one of the restaurant’s most popular dishes that has continued to feature on the menu since opening.

Taste and Cook along

An introduction from Monika Linton, the founder of Brindisa, on her 32 years of working with the Monte Enebro makers, the late Rafael Beaz and his daughter Paloma.

This will be followed by a cooking demonstration from Florjan Porja, Brindisa Kitchen Chef, of the most iconic dish, “Fried Monte Enebro cheese with orange blossom honey & beetroot chips” – a dish that continues to feature on Brindisa’s menu since the business opened in Nov 2004.

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