George & Joseph Cheesemongers vs Mario Olianas: Cheesemaking & Mongering during covid

9.00pm friday 23rd april

The last year has been a challenge for both cheesemakers and cheesemongers alike. Join Nick Chandler from Leeds-based cheesemongers George & Joseph in conversation with Mario Olianas – maker of a growing range of Sardinian-style cheeses with a Yorkshire twist. They’ll talk about the challenges of the last year, how both businesses have adapted during lockdown, and what the future holds for Mario and his plans for his growing cheesemaking empire.

Streamed Live on @georgeandjoseph Instagram

Taste along

To enjoy along with the event, George & Joseph are proud to offer our Olianas Cheese Selection in their online shop – featuring five of Mario’s amazing cheeses.

  • Yorkshire Ricotta
  • Yorkshire Pecorino Fresco
  • Leeds Blue
  • Yorkshire Fiore
  • Holy Ewe

Tasting Toolkit

Three useful tools from the Academy Of Cheese to help you taste cheese like a pro before, during and after the Big Cheese Weekender.

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