Wine School 3

The Art of Caribbean Rum & British Cheese Pairing

12.15pM (BST) Sunday 15th October: In-PERSON EVENT

About this event

Hosted by Christian Esser – A Connoisseur from the Tropics – as part of Rumfest 2023

Where the Warm Waves of the Caribbean Meet the Rich Tradition of British Isles

Why Pair Rum and Cheese? Pairing rum with cheese is an experience that redefines the senses. While wine and cheese have long shared the spotlight, rum and cheese stand as an innovative and exotic duo waiting to be explored. The sweet, complex notes of rum juxtapose beautifully with the creamy, savory essence of cheese, creating a gastronomic experience like no other.

Indulge in a masterclass that promises to be as vibrant and colorful as the Caribbean sunset. Join us on this sensory journey where five tropical rums dance gracefully with three British cheeses.

Your Masterclass Host

Christian Esser is an Academy of Cheese Training Partner and delivers the Level One Associate Certification to delegates in Grand Cayman. Living in the Caribbean has bestowed upon Christian a profound understanding of rum – its traditions, its flavors, and its culture. Paired with his formal education in cheese and spirits, he brings to the table an unparalleled blend of experience and expertise. Christian’s teachings go beyond mere facts and delve deep into stories, making this masterclass not just informative, but truly memorable.

Please note, this event is part of the Rumfest festival at @ILEC Conference Centre, Earls Court. Rumfest is the World’s longest running Rum festival – in its 17th year! A ticket to Rumfest will also be required to attend this masterclass.

Please note, all events and speakers are subject to change or alteration.

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