The live online events during Big Cheese Weekender are being streamed by the cheese experts themselves and from their individual platforms.

Programme Day Three

In most cases, events will be recorded and available after the event on this website.

3:30 PM

Emma Young The Cheese Explorer: Graceburn story & recipes

4:00 PM

Feltham’s Farm: Branding Cheese & Live Cheese Tasting

4:30 PM

White Lake Cheese: The Goat’s Cheese Journey from Milk to Mould

5:00 PM

Academy of Cheese: An Introduction to Cheesemaking with Paul Thomas

5:30 PM

Ethical Dairy: Closing the loop

6:00 PM

Peter’s Yard and The Cheese Geek: The perfect British cheeseboard

6:30 PM

Ned Palmer: Cheese – You’re Doing it All Wrong!

7:00 PM

Paxton & Whitfield and Berry Bros. & Rudd: Cheese & wine pairing masterclass

7:30 PM

Mark Hix: Black Cow Dorset fondue & cocktails

8:00 PM

La Fromagerie: Old school v new wave. The changing face of British cheese with Max Melvin

8:30 PM

Sharpham cheese & wine: What grows together, goes together

9:00 PM

After the crisis: the future of British cheese

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