Ecole du fromage

Around the World in 80 Cheeses

4:00pM (BST) FRIDAY 13th October – Virtual event

About this event

Kicking off the Big Cheese Weekender from the historical cradle of cheese making in Israel, is Noémie Richard and her whistle-stop global tour of cheese.

Noémie is Maitre fromager of the International Cheese Guild, Director of Savencia Ecole du fromage and training partner at the Academy of Cheese.

Thanks to her international cheese career, Noémie will take you around the world in 80 cheeses sharing some of her fascinating immersive experiences!

At every stop, a great story, a special tradition and a unique cheese. Don’t forget to fasten your seatbelt!

Taste Along

As much as 80 cheeses in an hour sounds like heaven to some, we want you to leave room for all of the other cheesy events taking place this weekend. For now, we recommend the delectable new cheese selection from Haute Fromagerie – aptly named “Aperitif”- all conveniently cut and presented to nibble along with Noémie.

The “Aperitif” selection from Haute Fromagerie is available to purchase from Marks & Spencers at £6.95.

Please note, all events and speakers are subject to change or alteration.

Tasting Toolkit

Three useful tools from the Academy Of Cheese to help you taste cheese like a pro before, during and after the Big Cheese Weekender.

Connect & Share

If you like what you see and eat, please shout about it on social media using the hashtag #BigCheeseWeekender. And do please keep buying good cheese: now, for the festival and afterwards!


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